Batul True Heart is a queer, two-spirit, mestizx healer, herbalist, medicine-maker, speaker, writer, researcher, and teacher of traditional medicine with an emphasis on healing emotional winds or "aires". Mixed with Panamanian and Spanish (Salamancan) blood on her mother's side and Yaqui (Yoeme) ancestry from the border of Arizona/Mexico on her father's side, Batul grew up almost completely disconnected from her ancestral roots and medicine, therefore disconnected from her true self. For the past 13 years, with the guidance of her ancestors and elders, Batul has been healing from the detriments of colonization and assimilation by walking the Red Road and for the past 4 years deepening on the path of Curanderismo, the medicine and practices of her ancestors. For 3 years Batul has been teaching a class called Curanderx's Toolkit at Ancestral Apothecary in Oakland, Ca as well as hosting a group of curanderas/os/xs on a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico each year to connect with ancestors, teachers, plants, and the energies of the land. Initially losing her birthright identity before being divinely guided back to her ancestral ways, has only propelled Batul's life's work to support other indigenous and queer folks to re-connect to their ancestral roots, being who they truly are. As a mixed person with European blood and family Batul acknowledges the atrocities committed by her people, past and present, and honors the indigenous roots of all her blood lines. Batul denounces white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, and earth destroying capitalism through the medicine of her words, actions, altars, art, remedios, and prayers. 

Presently Batul is in finishing up her 3rd year of studies to become a Clinical Herbalist.