Batul True Heart (they/them) is an Indigenous and mixed (Yaqui, Panamanian, Spanish) queer and two-spirit community yerbera, gardener, and prayer person specializing in utilizing plants for emotional ailments. Batul is also an educator, speaker, and writer on the topics of ancestral reclamation, resolution, and cultural responsibility. Initially losing their birthright identity before being divinely guided back to their ancestral ways, Batul has been walking a ceremonial, healing road for 15 years. For the past 11 years, Batul has tended to their front and backyard gardens in the Dimond District of Oakland, CA where they continue to deepen their relationship with the plants by growing herbal medicine for the Oakland community. Recently Batul completed 3 years of formal clinical herbalism studies with teacher Atava Garcia- Swiecicki and is inspired to combine clinical intakes with Curanderismo. Batul offers much of their medicine by trade, donation, sliding scale and giveaway. Batul encourages folks who have the means to donate more for the medicine they receive as doing so supports others in receiving the medicine for little cost, or free. After growing up almost completely disconnected from their ancestral lineages, traditions, and medicines then finding their way back home to their ancestors, Batul's life's work is to usher and support people in general, and indigenous and queer folks in particular, to return to their ancestral roots, being who they truly are.